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Percussion Instruments


11. Musical Box

I've always been fascinated with musical boxes even as a child. I remember getting one for my birthday, and after marvelling at its beauty, proceeded to dismantle it to see what's inside. Nowadays, musical boxes still make great gift ideas; there are some which are considered collector's items and are worth a lot of money.

12. Snare Drum

The snare drum is another percussion instrument mostly used nowadays for pop and modern orchestral music. Snare drums have a cylindrical shape and can be played either by hand or with the use of sticks.

13. Steel Drum

Steel drums are usually used in steel bands or ensembles made up 4 to 100 performers. The musician uses rubber-tipped hammers to strike the drum.

14. Tambourine

The tambourine is a small frame drum also belonging to the percussion family. Today, the tambourine is widely used in the folk music of the Middle East as well as an accompaniment for the Quoran.

15. Timpani

The timpani is also known as orchestral kettledrums and belongs to the percussion family. It's quite fascinating to watch timpanists perform, especially when they do those fast rolls.

16. Triangle

If you're a parent of a young child and want to introduce your child to musical instruments, you can never go wrong with the triangle. Very easy to play and yet so beautiful sounding, the triangle gives any music piece a special touch.

17. Xylophone

Another percussion instrument that will help introduce young children to the wonders of music is the xylophone. Xylophones are no doubt fun to play and the sound it produces is pleasing to the ears. Lots of colorful toy xylophones are available in the market today. If your child develops a liking to this instrument and wants to seriously learn how to play it, he/she can move on to xylophones made of hardwood or bamboo.

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