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Composers/Musicians of the Renaissance Period


11. Clement Janequin

Composer who was also an ordained priest. He specialized in chansons and took it to a new degree by using descriptive elements.

12. Orlando Lassus

Composed church and secular voice music.

13. Luca Marenzio

One of the most renowned madrigal composers.

14. Claudio Monteverdi

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Known as the transitional figure to the Baroque music era.

15. Jacob Obrecht

One of the well known Franco-Flemish composers of his time.

16. Johannes Ockeghem

One of the most influential composers of the Early Renaissance and one of the fathers of Renaissance music.

17. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

Wrote secular, liturgical and religious pieces.

18. Thomas Tallis

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An English composer known for his mastery of contrapuntal techniques. Although there is little information about his early years, it is known that composer William Byrd became one of his pupils.

19. Adrian Willaert

Founder of the Venetian School, pioneer of abstract instrumental music and one of the most versatile composers of the Renaissance.

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